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Afternoon Arts Bods,

So there is a little thing going on, on twitter.

Which I guess could be said about any subject, from cute cats to misogynistic trolls, all day long. But this one is fascinating to me so I am blogging. I haven’t ranted in a while about art, I have been too busy ranting about…

"Sometimes I wonder what happened to the girl—the thought usually pops into my mind when I’m facing a steaming-hot plate of spaghetti." — Spaghetti Murakami (@SpaghetMurakami)

"We went into the airport restaurant for an early lunch. Shrimp au gratin for me, spaghetti for her." — SpaghetMurakami (@SpaghetMurakami)

NYTimes: Expert on Mental Illness Reveals Her Own Fight


In 100 years, historians will probably look back at Stuxnet’s emergence as the Trinity Test for a new age of warfare — a harbinger of danger in an uncertain era. Read more.


A fascinating look into how Stuxnet—a nasty computer virus—shutdown Iran’s uranium enrichment capabilities. 


Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus

Stuxnet has been called the world’s first weapon made entirely out of code. It is responsible for damaging Iran’s uranium enrichment infrastructure and effectively halting the country’s nuclear program.

This infographic explores the ramifications of Stuxnet. It was created by Patrick Clair for HungryBeast, a TV program on Australia’s ABC1.

Run Time - 3:21.

Is your child’s summer camp a bit too… Kenyan, let’s say? Don’t worry! There’s still space at the weeklong “Tampa Liberty School,” a camp designed to help children aged 8-12 learn about important concepts like Freedom and The Gold Standard. As the St.